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Discover the power of implementing depreciation early and gain flexibility in your business operations.

How to Use Depreciation and Tax to Your Advantage

Uncover the secrets to maximizing your depreciation deductions before the year wraps up! Timing is everything, and in this episode of Kaizen Time,...

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Discover the benefits of end-of-year bonuses for small businesses and how they can be used as a tax strategy.

End of Year Bonuses

Unlock the secrets to maximizing your year-end bonuses while optimizing your tax position! In this episode of Kaizen Time, we break down the...

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Discover how to distinguish between good and bad debt and harness its power for growth.

Strategies for Managing, Reducing & Controlling Debt

Not all debt is bad, in fact debt can be a powerful tool that small businesses can utilize to grow. In this episode we discuss way to avoid the bad...

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Learn how small businesses can give back to their communities through charitable donations and acts of kindness.

End of the Year Charitable Giving

Uncover the ins and outs of charitable donations for businesses in this insightful episode of Kaizen Time! Ever wondered how providing services to...

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Explore the world of pension and profit-sharing options to enhance your year-end financial strategy.

End of the Year Pension and Profit Sharing

Join us in this illuminating podcast episode as we unravel the world of pension and profit-sharing options that can transform your year-end...

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Kaizen Time: Top End of the Year Financial Questions

Top End of the Year Financial Questions

Discover essential strategies for business owners looking to maximize profits and minimize expenses in this insightful podcast episode. Join us in...

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Kaizen Time: How Can Small Businesses Prepare for Tax Season

How Can Small Businesses Prepare for Tax Season

Tax season can be a daunting time for small business owners, but it doesn't have to be! In this informative video, we're sharing invaluable...

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Blood, Sweat & Business Podcast: Do It Because It Inspires You

Do It Because It Inspires You

We’re joined by the multifaceted entrepreneur, Dimitri Kallianis, from The Shanty Restaurant. Dimitri has extended his entrepreneurial palette...

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Blood, Sweat & Business Podcast: Staying Relevant in Hospitality

Staying Relevant in Hospitality

Join us in this spirited episode as we pull up a stool with Junior Martinez, the owner of O'Toole's Pub Group. Junior shares the secret brew to his...

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Blood, Sweat & Business Podcast: You Had Failure Written All Over You

You Had Failure Written All Over You

In today's gripping episode, we sit down with the indomitable Kris Schoenberger, the owner of BBQ'd Productions and Station 51. Dive deep into...

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Entrepreneurial Navigation: Where Style and Success Converge

In this episode, we are thrilled to have Jose Vazquez, a visionary entrepreneur and partner at Match Kicks, guiding us through the fascinating...

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Crafting a Culture of Excellence in Automotive Repair

Brin Klinedelves into what setsAssured Auto Worksapart in the world of general automotive repair shops. He emphasizes the importance of...

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Meet Your Hosts

Eric Joern

Eric Joern

Eric is a graduate of Columbia College of Missouri with a degree in accounting and joined the firm in 2013. He is a licensed CPA and a key business advisor at Kaizen. Coming from generations of entrepreneurs, small business is in his blood.

He has spent his working career getting his hands dirty with concrete, increasing profits and efficiency, managing an automotive service department, and currently is a key resource for many small business owners. Eric is currently the lead on our Automotive concentration, with years of experience as an Automotive Service Advisor and connections in the industry to better serve his clients.

Eric enjoys live music, working with his hands, and spending time outdoors with his wife and their two pooches. A big fan of the Chicago Bears, Cubs, Bulls, and Blackhawks, he jumps at the chance to catch ‘em live and in person when he can.

John Chiappetta bw (1)

John Chiappetta

John is a graduate of Carthage College in Kenosha, WI and the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business at DePaul in Chicago, IL. In 2003, John purchased a small tax practice in Antioch IL. He continued his entrepreneurial adventure, purchasing and merging with multiple accounting firms, and in 2022, merged his firm with Kaizen CPAs + Advisors. John has predominantly focused on tax planning and compliance. He also has his CFP® and is a licensed financial representative. John enjoys helping clients plan for a healthy financial future.

John enjoys spending time with his family. His wife Helen also has the entrepreneurial spirit, running a family diner in Antioch, IL. John and Helen have two children, Nico and Gianna. On John’s days off, he likes playing pickleball, golf, and the occasional pickup game of football. John appreciates Kenosha’s lakefront and frequently takes long walks on the beach. (He takes some amazing pics of the sunrises over Kenosha’s HarborPark!)