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Spend more time doing what you love and being with the people you love.

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Save more money.

Avoid losing thousands of dollars in costly mistakes and late filing fees.

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Have peace of mind knowing your payroll is done right and on time.

Did you know that many business owners unknowingly miscalculate payroll, costing them thousands of dollars every year?


Payroll is complicated, frustrating, and overwhelming. Our team relieves the burden of tedious, time-consuming payroll processing, so you can focus on what you love to do.

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During this no-obligation conversation, we'll discuss your needs and how our expert team can help.

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When it comes to managing employees, nothing is more important than making sure their paychecks are accurate and delivered on time. You can rest easy knowing your employees’ paychecks are being handled on the industry’s leading payroll and tax engine.

Process payroll online, from your home, office or on the road. Choose to go paperless or print checks yourself. Save yourself time to focus on what you love.

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Today’s automated timekeeping technology is a powerful resource for businesses, both large and small. It is designed to offer exceptional convenience, and to substantially improve profit margins by reducing the cost of labor.

Our wide range of intelligent clock software options supports embedding time and data collection from any portal, application or mobile device.

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Manually entering onboarding and benefit enrollment into a system, and having to make manual updates to employee information can be a time-consuming and daunting task. With integrated applicant tracking, new hire onboarding, benefits administration, online enrollment, and training class tracking, Evolution Advanced HR is your “one-stop-shop” for all of your human capital management needs.

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Pay cards offer businesses and their employees a secure, convenient alternative to paper paychecks. Your employee’s pay is automatically loaded on to the card and is available to use right away, with no check-cashing fees. Purchases can be made everywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted, including online and through digital payment tools.

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Successful human resource management can be a huge obstacle for growing organizations. From an effective recruiting strategy to complex compliance requirements, HR can make or break your business.

With HR Client Portal, you have the freedom and flexibility to focus on growing your business.

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Pay As You Go is a billing option that lets you send your workers compensation premium payments to your insurance company based on your actual payroll info. You pay only what you owe, as you owe it, based on your actual payroll data.

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We care about you and your financial assets. We are insured against the theft of funds from both inside and outside our organization. Not all of our competitors exercise the same level of care or take the same precautions.

About Us

YPD is the payroll arm of the Kaizen CPAs + Advisors family.

What our clients tell us is they need more time! They want the burden of tedious, time-consuming payroll processing off their plates so they can focus on other business needs. And, they want a relationship with their payroll company, a live person, who can help with sensitive employee data.

These are just a few of the many aspects of our payroll service that make us the best in the business. We are committed to the highest level of service, taking payroll worries off your desk and off your mind.

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Your Payroll Department does a great job with the payroll for my small construction company. The employees remind me of posting deadlines, are always pleasant on the phone and don't make mistakes. . . What a relief to have had this duty taken off my plate and put in their capable hands.
Suzanne Tauke
New customer, but initial setup and first two months of payroll processing have gone off without a hitch.I'm looking forward to a long mutually beneficial relationship. These people really have their system down, and are easy to work with.
Ed Letchinger
Your Payroll Department has been extremely helpful and patient with our team. From training to answering all questions- big or small, they always make you seem like a priority. The staff is very welcoming and we have had nothing but pleasant experiences with them.
Aimee Griffin

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