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Kaizen Time

Part of the Blood, Sweat & Business Podcast:

Short videos that provide the facts that you want to hear — when you need to hear them. Every episode is designed to inform you about what is happening in the financial world today and what to expect in the coming months.

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Kaizen Time: How Your POS System Impacts Your Business

How Your POS System Impacts Financials

Your POS system should be the central hub of your business data, collecting information on every transaction. This data is essential for...

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Kaizen Time: Should You Buy Real Estate for Your Business?

Should You Buy Real Estate for Your Business?

On this episode of Kaizen Time, we discuss the financial and strategic advantages of owning your own building. Learn how buying can be a smart...

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Kaizen Time: Learn the tops 3 tax strategies your CPA could be missing.

3 Tax Strategies Your CPA Could Be Missing

What are the 3 Most Commonly Missed Tax Strategies that CPAs make? Keep an eye out for managing officer compensation in S corporations,...

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Kaizen Time: Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) in 2024

What Has Changed With The Employee Retention Tax Credit?

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC) helped many small businesses through a tough time, but what is happening with it now? We drill down...

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Understanding how S corporations are taxed and learn when to switch for your business.

How Does an S Corporation Get Taxed?

Confused about S corporations and their taxes? In this episode of Kaizen Time, we go through key concepts like owner's compensation, K-1 forms,...

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Get an update on BOI reporting for small businesses in this episode of Kaizen Time.

What has changed with BOI reporting?

Uncertain future of Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting (BOI) for small businesses. This episode of Kaizen Time discusses what BOI...

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Learn the difference between Profit Margin & Mark Up.

What Is the Difference Between Markup & Profit Margin

Ever wonder what the difference between markup and profit margin is? This episode of Kaizen Time addresses this common confusion, explaining...

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Learn how to smoothly transition ownership of a small business.

How to Smoothly Transition Ownership of a Small Business

Unsure where to start with transitioning your small business? There are four main options for transitioning a business: selling to a private...

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Learn how different insurance coverages can protect you from financial risks like property damage and lawsuits.

Why Small Businesses Need Insurance

Kaizen Risk Management dig into why insurance is essential to any business. We discuss how different coverages can protect you from financial...

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Cut costs in your small business and boost your bottom line.

How to Find & Cut Unnecessary Costs

Struggling to cut unnecessary expenses in your small business? This episode of Kaizen Time is packed with actionable tips to boost your bottom...

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Discover the benefits of obtaining insurance through a firm like Kaizen Risk Management.

Why Buy Insurance From Your CPA Firm?

The guys at Kaizen Risk Management discuss the benefits of obtaining insurance through an accounting firm. By housing both services under the...

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Learn why workers' compensation is critical in protecting employees and businesses from risks.

Why You NEED Workers' Comp

What is workers’ comp and why does it matter? The guys at Kaizen Risk Management delve into the importance of workers' compensation, covering...

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Discover the Backdoor Roth IRA and how it can help you maximize your retirement savings.

The Backdoor Roth IRA & Your Early Retirement

Have you maximized your Roth IRA? You may be surprised to know there is another way to set aside funds, a backdoor Roth IRA. On Kaizen Time we...

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Learn how Kaizen Risk Management offers tailored financial protection, including cybersecurity coverage, without scaring businesses into over-insurance.

What is Risk Management and Do You Want It?

In this episode of the Kaizen Time segment of the Blood, Sweat, and Business podcast, we delve into the importance of risk management for...

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Discover the best software packages for automotive repair shops.

What are the best software packages for automotive repair shops?

On Kaizen Time we discuss the importance of finding the right software for specific auto repair shop’s needs. We cover functions such as shop...

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Understanding financial statements and strengthen your small business's chances of getting a bank loan.

What You Need to Know about Financial Statements & Bank Loans

Have you checked the pulse on your small business? If you went into the bank TODAY and asked for a loan would they offer you one? This week on...

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Create a small business budget that drives growth in 2024.

How to Make a Small Business Budget for Growth

Are you looking to create a budget for your small business that supports growth throughout the year? Learn the importance of budgeting revenue,...

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Learn how to leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for your small business.

How to Get Started With AI for Any Small Business

In this episode of Kaizen Time, we to discuss how to get started with artificial intelligence (AI) in small businesses. We share our personal...

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