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Who isn't a good fit to work with Kaizen?

Who isn't a good fit to work with Kaizen?

Some CPA firms take everyone, and we mean everyone. That’s never worked for us. We’re looking for a specific type of client. We know what you’re thinking, but it’s not just about the size of the business (though that is a consideration), it’s about the way that business is run. 

To understand this article, first you have to understand how Kaizen works. We don’t want to be the company you just give all your tax information to and then we spit out a return. Instead, think of us more like a personal trainer. We help you create routines and give you helpful tips that will pay off big time when it comes to tax season. We provide an integrated service between payroll, tax, and accounting – which isn’t always a great fit for some folks. Without further ado, let’s get into it. Who ISN’T a good fit to work with us? 


If you're too attached to the way your company does back office tasks – and have become a bottleneck

We get it. It’s your business that you’ve built from the ground up, but if you’re acting as a middleman (and don’t want to give up that control) for your financials, then it might not be the best fit. What do we mean?

  • If you’re doing your own payroll...
  • If you’re doing your own books...
  • If you’re coordinating your own tax returns...

...then you’re probably not a good fit to work with us. Why? Because we’re a comprehensive payroll, tax, and accounting service. The comprehensive part means that we’ll be working closely with you to develop a new system that will absorb a lot of the daily energy and effort of doing your own books. That said, if you’re not willing to give up control (not to mention all the work) – you’re not a good fit. 


If you're not ready to work hard for the 90-day sprint

The first 90 days we work with your company is a sprint. There’s a lot of learning, and we’re going to need full access to your financial records. This isn’t just a “write a check and watch the magic happen” scenario. We want folks who want a system installed that will LAST. That takes a little effort up front. 

The good news? That effort will make things SO MUCH EASIER in the long run. We’ll show you how, but if you’re not ready to show us how you collect revenue, how you pay your bills, or give us access to your bank accounts and credit card statements – then this probably won’t work out. 

In this article, we explored what that first 90 days with Kaizen will entail. Those first 90 days are crucial to ensure a good foundation for working together. If you don’t have that time to dedicate right now, then maybe it’s best to wait until you do. We work with thousands of businesses to create these processes. We ask for that level of commitment from all of them. 


If this job is your "side hustle"

We don’t usually put too much of a limit on our clients, but if your financial level or time commitment can’t match what we need – then you’re not a good fit. Timewise, we’ll want a fairly quick response time, we use 48 hours as a general rule of thumb. Things can happen, but we’ve found that’s the minimum to keep things moving. Money-wise? Well, businesses that do under 250k in revenue are most often not our ideal client. 

To work with us, you’ll usually need an average investment of over 10k a year. That would be a significant amount of your revenue if it is not an investment for growth.


If your company isn't growth-minded

We know folks who have a “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” mentality, which we can appreciate. At the same time, if there IS something broken about your company that is hindering its growth and you AREN’T addressing it? That’s a big red flag for us. We want to make sure that our clients aren’t stuck in the past. We want folks who want to grow – what growth means can change from business to business, but at the bare minimum we want our clients to have that mindset. It’s the best way to ensure our processes will stick and that you’ll be a success story!


If your company is too big (or doesn't want to be compliant)

We also don’t work with publicly traded companies, businesses that have revenue of 100 million or greater, or businesses that have their own accounting or payroll program. Our greatest strength is creating systems that help small business owners realize their growth potential and optimize their tax strategies when that season rolls around. 

Businesses that try to skirt compliance are often jumping over dollars to save pennies. While you may save on some tax or costs today, you often forfeit the value of your business. What is that lost value? Aside from exposure to penalties from governing bodies, non-compliance is a significant NEGATIVE driver in the value of a business. Inaccurate financial statements give you unclear guidance on decision-making, which could cost you significantly. Cheating on tax to save a little? With accurate records and sharp financials, there is enough room in the tax laws to optimize your tax position while staying compliant.

If this sounds like you, then we’d love to have you work with us! Let’s schedule a meeting and see what makes the most sense. If you’re motivated, hungry, and ready to go – so are we! It’s time to make that change. 

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