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Clay Hamlin

Understand your balance sheet and make informed decisions for your business.

3 min read

The Importance of Understanding the Financial Statement Balance Sheet

Understanding the ins and outs of the financial statement balance sheet can seem daunting. Whether you're a business owner or simply interested in...

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Learn key tips and strategies to maximize your profit when selling a small business.

2 min read

What to know before selling a small business

Are you thinking about selling your business? If retirement is on your horizon, you're not alone. At one time, many small business owners are...

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Save huge on taxes when you sell your business with the Section 1202 Exclusion.

4 min read

Section 1202 Exclusion: Save Huge on Taxes When Selling Your Business

Your business means the world to you. You’ve fostered it from the beginning, working tirelessly to make sure that it has every opportunity for your...

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