Advisory and Accounting Services for Automotive Repair Shops

To Help You Grow Your Auto Repair Shop

Advisory | Accounting | Tax Planning | Payroll

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Advisory and Accounting Services For Automotive Repair Shops

To Help You Grow Your Auto Repair Shop

Advisory | Accounting | Tax Planning | Payroll

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Advisory and Accounting Services For Automotive Repair Shops

To Help You Grow Your Auto Repair Shop

Advisory | Accounting | Tax Planning | Payroll

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Specialized Financials 

Drive better decisions with the power of financial statements built for your auto repair shop.


Tax Planning

Avoid unwanted surprises and take control of your taxes with year-round tax planning.


Industry Expert Guidance

Have peace of mind knowing you have a partner that understands what your business needs.

Wow! New beginning! I have been in the automotive business for more than 20 years and this is my 3rd accountant. Eric Joern and his team taught me more in the first 2 years than all the rest combined! The thing I like the most about Kaizen is that I don't get asked what I want to know. Instead, I get educated as we work together! We’ve set goals that are easy for me to understand and help me see things in a whole new way. What some people don't know is Eric was a former service writer in the automotive industry himself! He teaches classes on a regular basis and serves on the board for the Mid West Auto Care Alliance. He knows this industry in and out! Accounting is not my craft, but I can honestly say I feel more in control of my business and financial future now more than ever!


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Accounting for Auto Repair Shops

Collecting the right information and measuring your shop's critical areas of performance is the only way your business can reach its full potential. The problem is, as an owner in the evolving automotive aftermarket, you are continually pulled in different directions – comebacks, parts delays, disgruntled employees, compensation, and cash flow, to name just a few. 

All of this can be frustrating and overwhelming, leaving you little time to monitor the performance of your business.

At Kaizen, we leverage real experience in the automotive repair industry – with the same training and education as many leaders in the automotive aftermarket. We work closely with some of those leaders to help shop owners make better decisions and grow their business.

Jack Paeglow, Staff Accountant at Kaizen CPAs, shares his love of cars, talking shop, and how he helps auto repair shop owners thrive.

As your business grows, your finances become more complex.

When the accounting team that got you this far can’t take you any further, you need a firm that can handle the bookkeeping, deliver regular financial statements, and provide strategic guidance to help you take your business to the next level. 

Your Path to Building A Better Business

The Simple Steps For Better Accounting Services


Talk with us

Tell us your story—where you've been, where you are now, and the direction you want to go with your business.


Design a Plan

Our experienced CPAs and advisors will work side-by-side with you to create a customized plan for success.


Decisions that Win

Manage your business with confidence and make decisions that take your business from surviving to thriving.

Proactive Advice for Auto Repair Shop Owners

A good accounting team doesn’t just react and do what you ask or wait for problems to show up. They take time to know and understand your business and give you recommendations on how to structure your finances for growth.

Whether you need guidance and guardrails to help you deal with rapid growth or insight on how to make your shop more profitable, our accounting services team can help you navigate that complexity and get you where you want to be.

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Learning Center

Get equipped with a wealth of knowledge on automotive repair shop accounting, payroll, taxes, and more. Explore the latest industry-specific articles and podcast episodes.

Tools + Guides

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Labor Rate Calculator

Easy-to-use tool to help you quickly and accurately calculate your labor costs, so you can make informed business decisions.


Automotive Parts Pricing Matrix

Find out how to price parts right and boost your shop's gross profit margins with our FREE Auto Parts Pricing Matrix template.


Back-Office Best Practices

Your shop’s success depends on a robust back office. Learn the best practices to get—and keep—your business engine purring.

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Auto Repair Shop FAQs

You have questions. We have answers.

My previous accountant created a mess with my taxes and accounting. Kaizen CPAs + Advisors straightened everything out and has my business on track. Extremely professional people.
Esteban Gonzales
Proshop Automotive, Inc
Some people think “any accountant can do my books”. It’s true, anyone can do the books but who’s gonna fight for you when the IRS comes knocking? When I had an IRS random audit years ago, Kaizen CPAs took the bull by the horns and resolved my issue. It was a long, stressful audit, but it was handled offsite from my business and I was well-represented by Kaizen. My relationship with Kaizen has been professional and personable. They have taken time to understand my business by spending time at my shop. Eric, my accountant at Kaizen, had worked in the automotive industry in the past and has partnered with leaders in the industry, is helping my business move forward and be profitable. If you’re looking for an accounting firm that has your back, you’ve found it here.
Sue Dickson
Closs Tire & Auto
I want to express how pleased we are with our accountant, Eric Joern, at Kaizen CPAs. His knowledge of the workings of the automotive repair business is impressive, to say the least. When we recently had to examine the profitability of our 50-year auto repair shop, we actually learned from Eric the industry standards and best practices concerning pay rates for service writers and technicians, acceptable expense ratios and what an average service bay should produce in revenue per month. I was in awe of his knowledge, and it helped me make some important decisions. It’s refreshing to find an industry-specific accounting firm like Kaizen.
Bill Seitz
Lake Forest BP

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Get guidance, advice, and real understanding of your financials and be equipped to make better decisions to grow your business.


Accounting + Tax

Done-for-you Services

We'll handle the monthly bookkeeping, payroll processing, and annual business tax preparation, so you can focus on the other things that matter to you.


Profit First

Coaching & Consulting

We teach you how to think about and organize your business finances in a way that is easy to understand and ensures profitability for your business.

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